Over decades and even longer, Golfing has been one of the most popular sport. If you are a golf fanatic, you are indeed going to require some mode of transportation to venture around the course. Most people decide on getting themselves golf cars when on the green. Since, the cost might be a burden for some, there are people who opt for getting a used model of cars while others buy the brand new models. Irrespective of the route you decide to take, you must thoroughly inspect both the new and used cars. Below, we have listed down the best 7 New and CPO (certified pre-owned) Cars for Golfers.

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Buick LaCrosse


The reputation of LaCrosse is slightly monotonous. This might be a reason why you might undergo a slight hestitation while considering to buy this car. However, the big cruiser, Buick LaCrosse indeed has something exceptionally good and welcoming for everyone. The cabin of Buick LaCrosse has been flawlessly designed that will ensure that you attain maximum comfort even when you drive at a super fast speed. Moreover, Buick LaCrosse has a sleek and authentic  dashboard like any other sedan. This car is bundled with the latest technology in its every part. So, this is the reason why Buick LaCrosse is a must pick for every golf lover.

Chevrolet Corvette


The credentials of Chevrolet Corvette are indeed indisputable. The horsepower V8 of Chevrolet Corvette  is 460. The interiors of this car are incredible. The standard model of the Chevrolet Corvette features a 15 cubic ft. hatchback trunk. However, the convertible chips would have a 10 cubic ft. on the same lines. This will undoubtedly leave you with ample amount of space to store all your golf bags in the car. The Chevrolet Corvette is also quite popular and known for its unmatched performance.

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Dodge Challenger


The Challenger has been extensively known for its commendable V8 engines. The stunning styling of this car will indeed make everyone at the country club envious of you.  The Dodge Challenger comprises of a  16.2 cubic ft. trunk space. Thus, there is abundant cargo space when compared to any other sedan available in the market today. You can easily fling in 4 heavy bags on the back seat of the highly spacious Dodge Challenger.  So, Dodge Challenger might be great choice for a golfer.

Hyundai Genesis


Have you tried your hands on the current and latest version of the Hyundai Genesis? If not then surely go for a test drive today. In case, you are thinking of buying a luxury car, then you must try out the stunning new Hyundai Genesis. The basic V6-powered model will cost you somewhere around $38,950. Thus, this model of Hyundai Genesis is exceptionally affordable. Moreover, if you can go on a higher budget then you must opt for the fully loaded version of Hyundai Genesis  that will cost you somewhere around $50,000.

Lexus RX


The Lexus RX  is quite a popular pick among most of the golfers. You can either opt for the regular RX 350 or the hybrid-powered RX 450h. Both of them will deliver an ultra smooth experience when you go on a ride.

Volkswagen Golf


The Volkswagen Golf is a car that you just can’t resist. The Volkswagen Golf comes with a compact hatchback with 22.8 cubic ft. behind the rear seatbacks and a huge 52.7 cubes with those seatbacks turned in the forward direction.

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Certified Pre-Owned BMW 5 Series


The Certified Pre-Owned BMW 5 Series is one of the most classic choice for all Golf lovers. This car is on this top 7 list as it is a complete package of 7 Series in a 5 Series . This car is extremely comfortable and stylish that gives you the real feel of a sedan.

Final Thoughts

Above, we have listed the best 7 New and CPO (certified pre-owned) Cars for Golfers. You can choose any of them depending upon your budget and overall requirements.

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