Off-roading in your 4-way drive SUV is a lot of fun, but it is also difficult and full of dangers. Most people find it difficult to drive off the road without some extra accessories in their SUV. Your car can get stuck in the pit, or your tire can get puncture anytime as there are a lot of sharp objects off the road.

Having the proper accessories can help you deal with difficulties while off-roading as well as make your trips comfortable. So let us check some cool accessories that can make your trips really safe and comfortable.

Tire inflator deflator

The air pressure in your tires can increase or decrease by many conditions such as external temperature, long drives, and road conditions. You need to maintain the right tire pressure in tires for the right speed, balance, and efficiency of the car. A tire inflator and deflator can help you inflate or deflate the tires anytime. Moreover, the device comes in handy when your tire gets punctured on the way.

High lift jack

Although all the cars come with a jack to replace the tires in any condition, it is better buying a high lift jack that can do more than lifting the vehicle for replacement of tires. A high lift jack works faster than an ordinary jack. It can raise a car almost ten times higher than a standard jack. Moreover, you can use it as a winch when your vehicle needs pulling by another vehicle.

Craftsman Tool Bag

The more you drive off-road, the more the chances that your vehicle will break down on the way. It’s smart to carry a craftsman tool bag that contains all the tools to repair your vehicle anytime while off-roading or driving on long trips. A craftsman tool bag contains all the pliers, wrenches, vise grips, and drivers that you need to perform the minor repairs for your car.

4WD suspension lift kits

The ordinary suspension kits can get worn and damage quickly if you off-road frequently. The regular suspensions are designed for driving on the clear roads that are not effective for off-road drives. If you love off-roading, you must get the 4WD suspension lift kits installed on your SUV as it can make your trips more safe and comfortable. The 4wd suspension lift kits Toowoomba are popular in Australia for their high quality and comfort while off-road driving.

Fire extinguisher

A fire extinguisher is an accessory that most people overlook to keep in their car. A fire can break out in a vehicle or any place due to any reason. So keeping a fire extinguisher can be a wise decision even if you didn’t encounter such an event in your life. Sometimes you meet other people on the way that need an extinguisher in case of fires. Having a fire extinguisher in your car keeps you safe as well as allow you to help others.

Traction Mats

The off roads are full of pits and holes that you encounter while driving. The tire of a car can get stuck in a hole if it has wet mud. In such a case the drive is not able to pull out the vehicle from the pit. No matter how hard you accelerate, the wheel rotates, but it does not come out of the hole. The traction mats come in handy in such conditions. Place the traction mats under the tires and accelerate a little to pull out your vehicle from the pit. You can get the traction mats from any vehicle spares store that sells the spares for SUVs and 4-way drive vehicles.

A spare tire

A spare tire is an accessory that all vehicle owners should have in their car. Many people detach their spare tire to reduce the weight of the SUV and get more fuel efficiency. However, in case a tire gets punctured, you will not find a puncture repair mechanic on the long trips and off-road sites. It is essential to have a spare tire and jack in your vehicle so that you can replace the tire if it gets punctured.

The roof rack

The off-road trips require you to carry a lot of stuff that is difficult to place inside the vehicle. A roof rack can hold almost any type of things like luggage, a spare tire, traction mats, a tool kit, etc, that you need while driving on long routes. It is essential to have a roof rack if you like driving on long trips.

Final Words

These accessories for 4WD vehicles can make your trips comfortable. All these tools come in handy in situations when no one is there to help you. In addition to carrying these tools, don’t forget to get your car fully serviced before you leave for a long trip with your friends or family.

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