Undoubtedly, Sedans are ruling the roads and market these days. The entry- level luxury sedans by major car makers are now becoming affordable and more exciting due to stiff competition in the automobile market. These luxury brands are now offering cars at affordable prices with an objective to convert potential buyers into loyal owners of the Sedans they are offering. Both the cars are new in the market and feature an upscale emblem on the grille that enhances their looks. The Mercedes-Benz CLA and the Audi A3 are the best example of entry-level luxury sedan today, so here we have provided you with a detailed comparison review for these two cars.

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We will start from the exteriors. These two cars have designs which are poles apart. At one end Audi A3 is a simple design whereas on the other hand Mercedes Benz CLA is a really stylish and curvy looking car. The CLA with its coupe profile and really well placed curves is a better design by all standards. The grille is a single slat design with trademark in its centre. Its inverted honeycomb mesh is very appealing. The A3 carries the trademark Audi body design with its large grille and sharp headlamps. Tail lamps of CLA are really sharp on the edges of the sculpted boot lid. Audi is again following the traditional tail light and simple boot line. Both of them have a bulging out exhaust that looks better on CLA with its chrome finish.

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Interior and Comfort

The interiors of both the cars are relatively similar, with minute changes. These cars come with the dual tone interiors and great console looks. However, the console of the Audi is much simpler and relatively similar to any other mid range car. The console of CLA seems to look much sportier and gives a feel of a more spacious dashboard. Both the cars have special circular air conditioning vents that ensure proper air flow direction control. Both of them are equipped with large infotainment screens.

2015-Mercedes-Benz-CLA Class
Audi A3 Diesel-latestluxurycars
Audi A3 Diesel-latestluxurycars

However, the screen of Audi is slightly better than CLA because it can be pushed down easily in the dashboard when not required. Although the front seats of both the cars are relatively similar featuring softer bucket seats but it’s the back seats that make the real difference. The Audi A3, oozing with the leg space and comfortable seats are really great for long journeys. The seats are electrically adjustable for added ease. The cars are coming with satellite navigation built in to the system. Audi has an option to provide touch screen for the screen and 10 GB space to store music and videos.

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Drive Class

When it comes to sheer driving pleasure then the Audi beats the CLA for sure. The large windshield and lighter steering makes it a great car to drive. The suspension is the real winner for Audi as it is really smooth on the bumps and breakers. The sound is really damped when hitting a bump which is not the case with CLA but it drives slightly better on the rough roads. Handling of the CLA is the best in case of front wheel drives. The MFA technology enables it to smoothly glide at the corners. Due to its heavier body you can feel more confident at turns. The braking is also decent enough with the ABS technology. Audi as we said is a lighter drive and thereby it may give you a little less confidence in turning around the corners at high speed although the car is well designed to make those cuts very easily.



The Audi will be a winner when it comes to power and the fuel efficiency. It makes a mark in the overall torque as well. You can confidently put the pedal down to see a powerful throttle response. CLA has a very responsive throttle as well but is still lagging behind when compared to Audi and as the fuel efficiency is lower, it won’t be suited for your long drives where power is what you want. These drawbacks of the CLA might take you aback as the power of this great sporty looking car can’t beat Audi.




Final Thoughts

These cars are likely hitting the same numbers when compared by experts. Another important aspect is that both the cars have been designed keeping two different segments of customers in mind. Where CLA is for the young people who are looking for great looks and confident handling at high speeds, Audi A3 is for those mature minds who want to make a smarter choice with fuel efficiency and power delivered in a more subtle style.

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