Buying a new Jaguar F-type or Lamborghini can lead to a bag full of mixed experiences as the vehicle that looks great from outside might be too expensive for you to own or the one that looks rough from outside might be in good shape and is the one performing better than the expensive one. There’s an old saying we all are well aware of and that is ‘never judge a book by its cover’. This saying is certainly true a lot of times while buying a car especially the ones that are already used earlier.

Anyways, it is always easy to pick up the exotic car as compared to the family sedan as it is beneficial in many matters altogether like easy maintenance, cost-effective and many other factors. Well, it is always needed to be double sure of everything before you finalize the purchases. Let us have a look at the below checklist so as to ensure that you are taking the right decision for your next vehicle purchase.

1. Do research: There are a lot of things from a car’s appearance to its maintenance that is to be considered when buying a new car. A few questions are needed to be answered like for what the car will be mostly used? How much space is needed? What is the budget of the buyer and much more? Narrow down your queries and your options for a few favourites that are within your price range. Once you have narrowed down the choices check the safety ratings, read reviews and check customer satisfaction surveys.

2. Check inside and out: Both interiors and exteriors influence the buyer’s decision of buying a car. Check out space inside and also do not avoid taking the feel of the looks of the vehicle as after all you will be the one driving it. Before finalizing, be sure of styling and driving positions whether it is adjustable and comfortable for you or not.

3. Check inclusions: The newly launched vehicles today are having a plenty of gadgets that tend to improve the safety and driving experience overall, but before signing a deal you have to find out which ones are included and which ones are needed to be paid extra. Touchscreen infotainment systems, sat-nav, rear-view parking assist cameras and blind spot monitoring etc. are a few things that are included in a car. But it not like everything is included with every vehicle, some might be required to be paid extra.

4. Take a test drive: Always take this! Whether you are buying a brand new Jaguar Ftype tuning, Mercedes or whatever, ensure that you take a driving test. With this, you can ensure whether or not you are comfortable with this version of the vehicle or not. Sometimes you might like the appeal of the vehicle but you might not find it comfortable during your drive. Thus, it is vital for you to take a test drive at least once or twice before you sign any paperwork.

5. Lower mileage: If you are thinking of buying an exotic car, consider buying the one with lower mileage. It is because the lower the mileage, the more potential you can use it. These cars allow you to enjoy fully rather storing them in the garages most of the times.

6. Investigate use: While looking for a second-hand car, ensure that you look for the one that is gently used by its previous owner. This is because after an extended period of time you will start experiencing problems with everything from suspension to hoses. Thus ensure investigating the vehicle to the fullest so that it does not put up any holes in your pocket after a certain period of time.

7. Paperwork is must: Whatever vehicle you have finalized buying, ensure conducting its paperwork. Always read the entire terms and conditions of the contract of sale, warranties and any other financial contracts. Always consider various finance options rather relying blindly on the finance option by the dealer himself and look for the option that will be beneficial for you and will suit your financial stability. You can further consider the optional loan features i.e. early payout, secured and unsecured loans, GAP insurance etc.

8. Drive away your own car: Once you have completed the paperwork, you are free to drive away your car. It means that the vehicle is all set and possession will sooner be transferred to you. Once this is also done, feel free to drive your car away.

Parting words

Your role is not just confined to finalizing the purchase and taking the possession, after that your responsibilities start. From taking care of your car’s exteriors and interiors to keeping it well maintained. For this, you have to take your car to a renowned garage for  at regular intervals so as to keep its performance enhancing and stable over an extended period of time.

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