You have noticed on several occasions that 5 seats may not be enough in your car, and you are interested in buying a 7-seat vehicle. Do you need transportation for your family? A vehicle that offers maximum livability for your children and their friends? Do you want to have the most spacious trunk possible for your holidays and leisure? In this case, a seven-seater may be able to meet all your expectations. With their great modularity and a body designed to offer maximum load volume, they are able to adapt to any situation. Discover our selection of the best 7-seater minivans available in 2019!


Renault Scenic at the Paris best-seller in the 7-seater MPV segment in France, the New Scénic has worked hard on its style for this fourth generation. The ground clearance is a little higher, the wheel arches are wider to accommodate the huge 21-inch rims, and the bodyshell is dressed in two-tone hues. Inside there is a 533-liter trunk, which can accommodate two additional seats for € 600. You can now browse the offerings for agents to find your Grand Scénic 7 seats at the best price.


Citroën Grand Space Tourer 2018 the Citroën Grand C4 SpaceTourer can be found a shoulder to shoulder with the Scénic. Formerly known as the Grand C4 Picasso, this brand’s response to chevrons offers slightly smaller exterior dimensions, but a more welcoming interior, with a chest of up to 645 liters. It also has the advantage of offering 7 seats as standard. Use Caroom’s comparator to buy your big C4 SpaceTourer cheaper!


Volkswagen Touran 2017with more sober performances but with an impeccable finish, the Volkswagen Touran is one of the most sold 7-seater models in France. A dealer will charge you the two additional seats€ 680, but you can find a stored Volkswagen Touran already equipped with 7 seats at an agent to avoid paying this extra cost.


Renault Espace 5 is now part of the manufacturer’s premium range at the diamond and offers both statutory dimensions and a refined and technological interior. This pioneer in the MPV segment offers an optional 680-liter trunk and seven comfortable seats (€1,500). For this new generation, the seats in the last row are stored on the floor, so it is no longer necessary to disassemble them and store them outside the vehicle. You too, treat yourself to the comfort of the Renault Espace 7 seater cheaper by comparing prices on Caroom!


Dacia LodgyStepway at the Geneva Motor Show With Unbeatable rates, the Dacia Lodgy and the cheapest 7-seater car available on the new vehicle market. It is even cheaper than many other competitive second-hand minivans. The 7-seater version is available from the second level of finish (Silver Line) as an option at a price of € 600. You will be able to save on your Dacia Lodgy by comparing the offers of the agents on our comparator


BMW Serie 2 Gran TourerPremier model in this segment at the Bavarian manufacturer, the BMW Serie 2 Gran Tourer is a very successful compact MPV that takes up the design and the premium side that we know on the models of the brand while carrying 7 standard seats and an impressive 645-liter trunk. You can consult the prices of the 2 Series Gran Tourer on our comparator.


Opel Zafira C 2016 with its Zafira, Opel reinvented the modularity in the 2000s by offering a compact 7-seater MPV with third-row seats that could fold into the floor. While today the family minivan has become more impressive to offer a volume of 710 liters of the trunk in 5-seater configuration, it continues to offer its seven-seater system as standard. Take advantage now of low prices on your Opel Zafira tourer 7 new seats!


Ford s-Max Titanium with a sporty look and offering powerful diesel engines and even an optional 4×4 transmission, the Ford s-Max has something for families looking for a premium MPV. It also has 7 standard seats, and the last row can even be folded electrically if you opt for the optional EasyFold system (150€). Compare offers from proxies to buy your Ford s-Max Cheap!


Volkswagen SharanGrand brother of the Touran, the Volkswagen Sharan is distinguished by its superior dimensions, its gigantic trunk of 955 liters and its sliding back doors. Its 7 seats are included as standard, and like its competitor L’espace, the large VW minivan for this generation trunks its demountable seats in favor of a folding third row constituting a flat floor. You can save on the price of the Volkswagen Sharan 7 seats by using the services of a car broker.


Ford C-MaxModèle often forgotten by motorists, the Grand C-Max is nevertheless a very good 7-seater minivan. This more compact alternative to the S-Max has seven standard seats and EcoBoost engines with reasonable consumption, all concentrated in a 4m52 long bodyshell with very practical back doors. Find your C-Max Ford cheaper through our price comparator!


Toyota Prius + prized by taxi drivers for its very good habitability, low fuel consumption and excellent reliability, the Toyota Prius+ stands out as a good candidate for family transport. With 7 standard seats and a trunk of 505 liters, this hybrid MPV is not lacking in assets. A car battery bank of Toyota Prius gives you extra savings.


Ford Galaxy TitaniumPlus large single-seater in the catalog of the American manufacturer Ford, the Galaxy offers you a 700-liter trunk and its interior 7 seats bright and comfortable that will be particularly pleasant on long trips. Find your Ford Galaxy at the best price from one of the importers listed on our site!


Kia Carens Kia Carens have very well-placed prices on the market, with a level of equipment already very complete of entry with 7 places included without supplement, and its endowment can be supplemented by the addition of options like the panoramic roof or even various technological equipment. Look for yours among the various new Kia Carens offers available!


Seat AlhambraUniquemonospaces proposed by the Iberian manufacturer Seat, The Alhambra makes a common base with the Sharan. If it has an entry price lower than the latter, it loses however in the volume of the trunk, remaining however more than correct (885 liters) and the two seats in the third row are available for the addition of 1665€ unless to opt for the ” Premium 7 “finish. However, it is possible to make significant savings on the price of your new Seat Alhambra by going through the services of a car broker.


Fiat 500L wagon extension of the 500L, itself derived from the urban 500, the Fiat 500L MPV sees things big by offering 7 seats from the entry-level finish in a long format of the only 4m37. It also has a large modular trunk with a volume of 638 liters. You can consult the offers of professionals on new Fiat 500L Wagon on our comparator to buy it at the best price.

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