Wrecked cars are cars that are damaged in an accident. The wrecked vehicles are not in a drivable condition due to which they are declared totaled by their insurance company. The cost of repair of a totaled car is higher than its market value.

Selling a wrecked car in the used car market is difficult. Even if you get it repaired, the buyer does not buy it for a good value. Most buyers look for a low price that is the reason why they seek wrecked cars.

However, you can improve the value of your car and sell it at a higher cost. All you need is to follow some tips to increase their value. Check out these tips to get the best price for your wrecked car.

Get your car repaired

You need to get the minor repairs done for your vehicle. The minor repairs include some mechanical repairs, getting the body fixed and all that it takes the car to run in a perfect condition. All these repairs can be done by a local mechanic, and you don’t need to arrange for extra finance to spend on the repairs. However, you need to repair it to bring it into a good drivable condition and look better.

The exterior of your car

The exterior of our car is important for its resale value. If the external surface of your vehicle is damaged in the accident, get it repaired and also get it painted by a local car painter. If the car paint is good, you don’t need to replace the paint of the entire car. You can pant only the areas that were damaged. A little detailing can make your vehicle look appealing to the buyer, and it will improve its resale value.

Lights and Battery

A used car buyer checks whether the lights and horn of a car are in a working condition. Therefore, if the battery of your vehicle is low, you don’t need to buy a new battery. Instead, get it charged so that it can provide power to all your lights and engine. Repair any damaged lights and get the blurred lights cleaned. Some things like replacing the light bulbs, cleaning the blurred glass can be done at home using the relevant tools.

Documents of your car

Most buyers don’t want to buy a car with incomplete documents. If you have not renewed the insurance policy of your vehicle, you must renew it immediately. The resale value of your, your vehicle also depends on the documents and paperwork. The authorized junk car buyers like cash for cars Dandenong, don’t buy the cars with incomplete records and paperwork. Completing the documents will improve the resale value of your vehicle.

Advertise it online

If you try to sell your wrecked car to the junk car buyers, you will get up a very low value. It is better to get it repaired and sell it to used car buyers. Try to sell it to used car buyers by advertising it online. Click some clear photos of your car by parking it in the daylight. Click the pictures from the front, back, and side of your vehicle. Also, click some phpto0s of the interior of your car and post an advertisement online on websites like Craigslist.

Post the images and write a description of your car but don’t mention the accident. You need to write the make and model of your vehicle in the title so that the potential buyers can read it if they don’t want to read the description.

Be prepared to spend money

Usually, the owners of wrecked cars are not ready to spend money on their repairs. It is difficult to sell a damaged car, and the individual buyers want a vehicle in good condition. You need to spend some money on its repairs to bring it into a drivable and sellable condition. Spending some money to improve the resale value of your car can be a wise decision if you pay within a limit.

Know the value of your car

It is necessary to know the value of your car before spending money on its repairs. Understanding the market value of the same make and model of your vehicle in the used car market helps you to decide how much you can spend on its repair. You should not spend more than 25 percent of the market value of a car on its repairs.

Final words

Selling a wrecked car is not the same as selling a used car. However, getting some repairs and external detailing can help you find the right buyer and get the best price for your wrecked car. Also, getting the documents complete will help the owners of wrecked cars to improve their value.

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