Bentley is a quite popular name when one talks about luxury cars. Over the years, Bentley has been serving to its customers new models and technology. The company was recently taken over by Volkswagen. If we talk about the Bentley’s Continental GT model, in particular, it is clearly evident that the Continental GT has not significantly changed since its launch that took place long back in 2003. Although, the second generation of Continental GT surely came up with an all new V8 engine and better styling, but other than that, everything else remained quite the same.

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However, a report from Auto Express claims that the Bentley will probably launch its third generation Continental GT in the upcoming year 2017. The New Bentley Continental will likely undergo a major transformation. Unlike its previous variants, the New Bentley Continental GT will likely be based on a shortened version of MSB platform that also forms a base for the second generation Porsche Panamera which will be launching soon in the year 2016.

Thus, we can expect a sleeker, lighter, powerful and sportier look in the New Bentley Continental GT. The EXP 10 Speed 6 concept that was revealed in the Geneva Motor Show in March 2015 will be taken as basis for the design and styling segment. So, does that mean that we can expect Bentley modified by the Porsche engineers? Well, we will have to just wait and hope for the best.

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The company has initially started its new experiments and tests of the New Bentley Continental GT to check the authentication of the new design, styling and technology incorporated in the future model of the car. Moreover, the New Bentley Continental GT is expected to offer a twin-turbo 4.0 liter V8 engine accompanied by the 6.0 liter W12 TSI engine that was revealed earlier this month in the Vienna Motor Symposium. The new powerful engine will be capable of producing 600 horsepower and a torque of 633 lb- ft.

in addition, the new model will also comprise of a plug- in hybrid powertrain which will enhance the fuel economy rate of the car and will also result in reduced emission of the harmful CO2 gas. Volkswagen also boasts the fact that the company’s latest W12 engine will ensure acceleration of 0-100 km/h times in a maximum time of 4 seconds.

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Although, it seems that Bentley does not have any plan for pure- electric as the poor energy batteries would result in a car that is quite heavy and restricted in the Bentley series, but as far as Bentley is borrowing high tech designs from Porsche, the New Bentley Continental GT can still come up as wonders. Also, a larger grille, a more prominent headlight design, elegant features and sharper looks through the profile will definitely amaze car lovers.

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