The online taxi booking system was successful in setting a benchmark globally, in making transport more productive and convenient. The traditional taxi system got very unpopular due to the uncountable hurdle faced in booking taxis. The problems were outrageous, and there needed a change. Uber set up a milestone when it introduced the world with its online taxi booking system. The rest is history.

Marketing and place of business matters the most when it comes to taxi businesses, but more of them, a good taxi dispatch system plays a vital role in determining the success of any taxi business.

The arrival of efficient taxi booking apps has eradicated the concept of “unpleasant taxi rides.” The term “Convenience” and “productivity” is directly linked to taxi dispatch. Before you go out to develop a good marketing strategy, build yourself a dispatch that can accommodate your need.

Here are few features of a good taxi dispatch system:

1. Airport Pickup/Drop

In every country of the world, airport rides are considered to be much different than of normal rides. Without any doubt, airport rides are more time consuming than the normal rides, especially at the times of rush hours.

The billing needs to be different due to more traffic, more trolls, more distance, and more time. This is the most important aspect of any taxi dispatch, which often gets ignored. The fare can’t be the same as normal rides. The taxi dispatch should support both billing methods while allowing you to configure individual billing and process for airport pickups and drops.

2. Support to Pre-Booking:

Nowadays, people prefer to schedule rides as it saves their time. Therefore, Pre-Booking System is considered as a very significant feature in any taxi dispatch system because it supplements convenience in booking taxis. This feature allows people to pre-booking a cab in finding out the nearest available taxi.

It is hard time that taxi owner should give more emphasize in providing convenience to their customers rather than giving more attention to their content game. Off course, content plays a significant role but Convenience is more important. The application should notify the operator about the entire advance booking as well as the driver reaching time. The access to advance booking helps the company to manage and take quick decisions in making their business more productive.

3. Chat Feature:

Chat Feature is the most feasible option to communicate with the driver and guide him the location efficiently. Not all the time it is feasible to call the driver; Customers may be busy in meetings, classrooms, or silent zones where they would prefer messaging the driver.

A good taxi Dispatch should have the robust chat feature and make sure to eradicate any hurdle in the way of communication between the drivers and customers.

4. Manage Notification:

Your app should support the feature of managing alerts and notification as it is the most essential part of any online taxi booking system. This prospect helps you in marketing and re targeting your current customers with new discounts and offers. With this feature, customers will be notified about the recent discounts on ride which will eventually manipulate your productivity and visibility among your customers.

The feature will allow you to manage notifications in the way you like. You may want to send a welcome note, or a discount, or any important information that becomes easier with this feature.

5. Multiple Payment Solutions:

It’s again about the convenience. The automatic fare system should allow different payment options without any issue of time delay. If someone wants to pay with his credit card, or with a debit cards, or with any other payment method, it should allow them to pay without any hurdle.

Missing this feature can raise serious concerns of your customers and it can lead them to disbelieve with your service. Not everyone is comfortable in paying cash all the time. They do prefer credit cards. So the access to multiple payments should be prioritized without thinking the second thing.

For a successful business model, a smooth and reliable business functioning is necessary which can only be achieved if the taxi dispatch allows multiple payment solutions.

6. Statistical earning report

It is very helpful for the drivers to know what they are earning for each trip. This way, they can streamline their weekly and monthly performance which will eventually motivate them to work hard. In the end, the benefit is all yours.

7. Accessibility to Complaint:

Customers always want their voices to get heard. The more they are heard, the more authoritative your business becomes. This is a very simple formula followed by millions of businesses worldwide and that is one reason, why customer care still remains an important aspect of any business. The dispatch should share the accessibility to customers in highlighting their concerns. The answers to complaints should be made without any delay.


Cloud taxi dispatch system is the most modern dispatch that has been fruitful for many taxi businesses across the world. The dispatch in general, should be equipped with the latest features that should help the business in managing their progress more efficiently.

Search through the web to find out a company that can build you an ideal taxi dispatch software. Look for a comprehensive taxi solution that can fulfill your needs.

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