As we all know very well that modern technology has provided us so many positive ways to find out the best and authentic facility which is essential for human life. No doubt, if we compare the current time with past era there are massive changes you will actually see and it is only due to the advancement of technology. No doubt, with the advancement of technology we humans really got many things which were very much essential and now they still have the same value. Let’s talk about the car which is an essential element or source for traveling from one place to another. There are several types and brands have introduced their car models which are actually fabulous and superfast in speed. There are many people in this world who actually unaware of the evolution of cars and they only have an idea about the latest models respectively. Before getting discussed about the new car models here we should have to discuss the starting time first.

Who invented the first car?

In 1769 Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot made the first steam engine car which was not much reliable for the use but it was the time when innovation of the cars was introduced to the people which were also an amazing factor of that era. In 1770, the second model of the steam engine car was introduced which could run as fast as 4 km/h speed. After this step in 1885,Karl Benz was a person who introduced the first ever petrol or gasoline-powered car in the market which was further improved with the respect of time and companies have got the idea how they can bring changes in the upcoming models of the cars respectively. It has cleared that the first petrol car was made and designed by the German Engineers and it was a time when it has started tomanufacture the automobile for the human necessities.

The history of cars timeline is vast but here we will only discuss the major aspects which are enough to get the things clearly. In past times usages of cars were not essential as you compare it with the respective time. The necessities and requirements of the cars are getting increase day by day with the moderation of time and need. So according to the old records it has proved now that Karl Benz has introduced the first car in the world.

Modern cars competition

No doubt, there is a huge competition between car manufacturing companies with respect to their models, accuracy, engine performance and everything. Right now, customer not only demands the beauty factor in the car but it also requires the best engine performance respectively. There are different sections of cars for the user’s someone really loves to have the sports car to cross the things like a bolt. The choices of the people also getting change with the new model of the car.

There are different types of used cars sales boards or ads you can see anywhere around you which has published by the people because are interested in new models of the cars and they usually sell their old cars to earn sufficient amount of money. You can frequently get search for the desired model and manufacturing car through the internet. You will definitely get a lot more options which you can buy according to your targeted budget. As well know very well that not every person has anequal budget for buying the car. Someone can afford the new model but most of the people only utilize the cars for sale option to change their old car with new ones.

What will be the best way to sell the old unused cars?

The best and authentic way is to sell the car to any person whom you know very well. Furthermore, as we all know very well that social media is the best platform to spread the news rapidly all over the world. You can post an ad on the social media site about the complete specification of the old car. It will be a plus point if you have the complete papers of the car which could be easy to transfer the ownershipof the old car to the new buyer.

One of the best options you can also use to sell the old unused car to any car wrecker around you. Make sure the dealer of the car would be trusted and it will also pay you the best and real price of the car. There are different scammers you will get in the option which will not provide you the exact price of the car and it would be a disturbing scenario for you as well. If you are interested in making handsome profit from your old unused car, the best way is to bring out the operational electronic parts from the car and sell it to another dealer in the market and before selling the old car to any wreckers company, make sure to check well the car that it has not taken your important belongings with it. It is highly recommended that cancel the license plate so it can easily get recycle without any hassle.


It has cleared that everything you will get in new shape will get end with the unused item. The same thing you can see in the cars which you have purchased a fresh piece from the showroom will be sentto the wreckers for recycling after a couple of years. The same process will go on and on without any pause. You also have updated your knowledge that how was the first car invented and further it has changed with different types of modifications according to the requirement of the time. When different brands of cars have involved in the manufacturing process at that time the real competition has started between them to introduce the most updated and fast car at different prices. It is an obvious thing that the preferences will be different from the people across the world regarding the selection of the car brand and models respectively.

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