Mitsubishi was the go-to manufacturer back in the day. They made the iconic Pajero, which has gained its way into the wall of fame of classic SUV’s.

Now however things aren’t going so well at the Japanese Automobile majors HQ. They were once the pioneers of their field but have unfortunately not re-invented themselves to stay up with the competition. A lot of other manufactures have ventured into the SUV segment and are offering newer technology and luxuries which Mitsubishi can’t match.

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Now here comes along the Outlander Sport, which is keeping the company afloat. They seem to be making steady sales with this vehicle, not as much as their competitors, but enough to stay afloat.

This mini crossover-ish SUV earns Mitsubishi its bread and butter. Let’s have a closer look at the vehicle and have a breakdown

The exterior of the vehicle looks good, but doesn’t have any striking feature or design that would make it stand out from the crowd. To me it seems like Mitsubishi has picked up its design cues with help from the guys over at Hyundai. The car looks like a decent SUV and the design look like it’ll keep the customers excited for a few more years.

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The interiors of the vehicle take you back to 2006. The basic dashboard design uses not to visually appealing materials. The knobs look like they could use a brush of modernization, the car looks basic and could use some livening up a bit.

There is a choice of engines one could choose from. The 2.4 Liter monster which pushes out 168 bhp or the 2.0 Liter which pushes out close to 148 with about 145 pound/foot of torque. The former would be perfect; the latter should only be opted for if the car is going to be spending more time in traffic then driving on unpaved roads!

The 7-speed gearbox is not as responsive as one would hope, but it gets the job done nonetheless. Better gear changes and gear ratio would make one utilize all the available power in a better manner.

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This car is not all that bad though. It could get with a little touch of modernization; I quite like the charm of it though. You should get this vehicle if you plan to get a mini-SUV, it would make a perfect fit. Don’t be setting your expectations too high though!

Mitsubishi should really up their game if they want to stay in it. They have the heritage and knowledge, its just a matter of pulling up their sock (resources) and give us the iconic vehicles we know them for.

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