Toyota recently came up with Toyota Yaris 2015 model which is an update to the previous 2014 model of the car. Although, Toyota has not made dramatic changes in the latest 2015 model of Toyota Yaris, but still the changes are quite evident. Toyota is a big name in the car manufacturing industry and is quite renowned for offering fuel- efficient and reliable cars. However, what are the changes between the 2014 and 2015 model of Toyota Yaris is the main question that arises in the minds of consumers. So, here we have discussed some of those noticeable changes in both the models of Toyota Yaris.


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The interior of the 2015 model of Yaris includes only minor variations. Although, there is a slight change in the dashboard design of the car, but the overall look of the car’s interior remains the same. Moreover, you will notice quite a few changes in the materials and positioning of vents and switchgears. In addition, the cabin space in the 2015 model of the car is similar to its predecessor. However, the major change in the interior of the car comprises of a standard new 6.1 inch touchscreen system.


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You might observe the changes in the exterior of the 2015 model of Toyota Yaris quite easily if you have already used its previous model. The major difference in the new model comprises of the front end hatchback which includes a completely new grille, new headlights and new bumper intended to distinguish the 2015 Yaris model from its predecessor and other competitors in the market. In addition, the styling of the car has been slightly updated to give a new look to the latest model of the car.



Regardless of an all new look, the Toyota Yaris 2015 remains entirely unaltered to its predecessor if we compare them in terms of their mechanicals. The car still features a 1.5 liter engine with four cylinders entitled to offer 103 lb- ft of torque and 106 horsepower for assisting either a standard manual 5- speed or an optional and sadly obsolete automatic 4- speed. The car offers a fuel efficiency rate of 30 miles/ gallon in the city. However, on highway the fuel economy rate stands at 37 mpg with the manual.

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Driving Experience

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The Toyota Yaris always stands out in terms of its performance and driving experience which is undoubtedly true for the 2015 variant too. Moreover, Toyota also proclaims to have introduced certain updates in the driving experience of the 2015 model of the car that ensures quicker steering, retuned suspension and stiffened chassis. Although these changes are quite minor, but still they are notable and we expect the 2015 model of Yaris to offer a sharper drive than its previous model. Not only this, the Toyota Yaris also ensures a safe and comfortable driving experience, good visibility and predictable braking system.


Though, there are minor differences in the 2014 and 2015 models of Toyota Yaris but they are still noticeable. The 2015 model of Yaris has been updated to give a better driving experience and styling to the car. So, Toyota Yaris 2015 is worth consideration if you are looking ahead for a small and reasonable car that even fits your budget well.

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