The roof of a car consists of three parts – the outer metal sheet, the foam board and the fabric on the inner surface. The fabric is known as the hood liner or roof liner. The hood liner of a car is an integral part of the roof that most people ignore while cleaning.

Also known as the headliner, it can sag due to excessive heat or lack of maintenance. A sagging headliner can be difficult and expensive to repair. However, you don’t need to visit a car roof liner repair professional for minor repairs. You can fix a sagging headliner using the below-given tips at your home.

The glue fix

Gluing is one of the most convenient ways to fix a sagging headliner. If the headliner of your car is sagging from the corners or edges, you can use glue to set the fabric. However, the adhesive works best only for minor areas like corners or edges.

You need to buy headliner glue as the ordinary glue won’t work to fix the fabric. Spray glue is better than a tube as it is easy to use and spreads uniformly on the fabric. Spray the adhesive and put the headliner back in its place. Hold it for a few minutes so that it gets fixed firmly on the board under the fabric.

Sequin Pins

Using the sequin pins is another quick fix method to repair a sagging headliner. You can buy the sequin pins form a stationery store and use them to fix your sagging headliner. Hold the sagging fabric with your hands and push several pins in the liner to fix it in the required place. Use the pins in a pattern to improve the visual appeal of the hood liner.

Twisted pins

In addition to sequin pins, you can use the clear-headed twisted pins to fix your sagging roof liner. Also known as saggy stoppers the pins can hold the roof lining in its place. The advantage of twisted pins is that they can hold a large area of the fabric without causing any damage. You can use them even if half of the lining is sagging in your car.

Use a double-sided tape

Double-Sided tape can hold the headliner if it is sagging around the edges or corners. One must not use it to hold large areas of the fabric. Paste the double sided tape on the inner surface of the fabric and press it in its place firmly with your hand. The disadvantage of double-sided tape is that you cannot use it to fix the large areas or the areas like the middle of the roof.

Professional Repair at home

These methods are a temporary solution for fixing a sagging headliner, but they are not permanent solutions. They can hold the fabric in its place for a few days or months, and you need to undergo professional repair after that period. For a permanent fix, you need to remove the roof liner from the ceiling and reattach it after gluing it properly.

Removing the hood liner form car

To fix the headliner, you need to remove it from the ceiling of your car. First of all, remove the accessories like sun visor; grab handles, dome lamp, cabin lights and any other accessories attached in the roof lining. You will need a screwdriver kit to remove the screws of these accessories. Also, remove the upper mounting loops for seat belts.

Pull back the side trim panels that hold the roof liner in its place. You can lower the headliner panel from one side and slide it to clear the trim panels. Turn the headline panel to remove it from the car.

Removing the old fabric from the board

Place the headliner panel on a flat surface or a large table. Use a sharp object to remove the old material off the board carefully. Make sure you don’t cut the foam with the sharp object. It is best to pull the fabric with your hand and use the sharp knife only where it does not come off by pulling.

Reattaching the fabric

If the fabric is in perfect condition, you can reattach it to the backboard. In case it is worn, you can use new fabric. In case the board is damaged from some areas, you can repair it using the aluminum tape. Place the fabric flat on the board and turn over half of it over itself. Spray the adhesive glue on half of the fabric on the back side.

Place the glued half on the board carefully starting from the center and spread it outward uniformly with the palm of your hand. Use a paint roller to flatten it evenly so that there are no visible wrinkles. Repeat the same process for the other half of the fabric.

Fixing the edges

After gluing the fabric on the board, you need to fold the edges on the back side and paste them as well. Leave at least one inch of material to stick on the back side and cut any access fabric that is not required. Now, cut the holes for accessories with a hand drill or a sharp tool. Make sure to cut the holes in the right places; otherwise, you may damage the foam underneath the fabric.

Reinstalling the headliner

Reinstalling the headliner is the last step of the process. Hold the board with the help of a friend in the car and one edge over the side trim panels. Then raise the over the other side trim panels and put it in its place. Reinstall the accessories using the right screws and a screwdriver. Then lightly brush the fabric to remove any fingerprints or marks.

Final Words

These were the steps to fix a sagging hood liner. If you find it difficult to remove and reinstall the headliner, you should call a professional service like hood lining repairs Southside. Getting the repair done by a professional ensures the quality and warranty of the work.

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