Kahn Flying Huntsman 110 WB

Kahn Design has decided to make a bigger version of Defender 105 Longnose, which is going to be a 6×6 wheel drive, so Kahn Design will stretch its back side. The company is going to unveil this stretched giant version of previous Land Rover Defender 105 Longnose in the Geneva Motor Show very soon. The main attraction in the “Flying Huntsman” is its 6 wheels that will grab attention of many dudes who always have desire to drive or take control on something, which is cursed with immense power. You guys are going to crave this sinister in charcoal black. There is also an off road evil “Mercedes Benz G500 4×4²” which is expected to emerge as the strongest rival of Flying Huntsman.

Kahn Flying Huntsman 110 WB
Kahn Flying Huntsman 110 WB

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The Kahn Flying Huntsman 110 WB is powered by a 6.2 liter V8 engine that produces 450 horsepower, and there will be twin rear axle under it. The truck to give its best on off roads or mountains but its longer nose may create problem in city when look for parking space in a busy parking area. It carries a six-speed automatic transmission to shift its power control.

The SUV has been stretched 400mm from bonnet and 800mm form rear side. Now, it comes with wide front and rear doors, even they have increased size of the windscreen rake. So the Kahn Flying Huntsman is 150mm wider and 1200mm longer than the previous Defender 105 Longnose.

Kahn will produce both four wheel and six wheel drive versions, around 5 version of Flying Huntsman will be seen. The SUV will be fitted with better suspensions and breaking system. Buyers will also have options of armoured version that will cover B4, B6, B6+ and B7 armour class.

Kahn Flying Huntsman 110 WB
Kahn Flying Huntsman 110 WB

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Kahn Flying Huntsman 100 WB 6×6 concept is really going to rock the off road vehicle market, and the company has already mentioned that there will not be any compromise in the performance just because the size of the SUV, so we hope for the better specs. Most of you must be wondering about the price of Kahn Flying Huntsman 100 WB or want to see this giant SUV in your garage but this is very expensive, so it is better to think twice before getting it.

Kahn Flying Huntsman 100 WB Price in Pound: £125,000 (Est.)

Kahn Flying Huntsman 100 WB Price in USD: $200,000 (Est.)

Kahn Flying Huntsman 100 WB Price in AUD: $230,000 (Est.)

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